Sunday, 30 March 2008

No R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Results show: Sunday, 30th March 2008

Welcome back to Sunday night's results show, which starts with the Nancys singing 'I'd Do Anything' again - and a little "What, fisticuffs?" from Graham Norton. They're not going to sing this every week, are they? It could get tired.

The panel are back, Lord Webber is back - who, we are reminded, will be able to save one Nancy every week. Cue Phantom music - DRINK! Time for a quick recap. Backstage, Jessie emphasises that she "really would do anything" for the role. Get down to ALW's dressing room then, what are you waiting for? [Yes, would she suck, oh never mind.... - Louise] Mini-Nancy Sarah is in tears backstage. We've seen all the rest before.

To fill some time, Graham's chatting to the Nancys. Niamh says it's nice to see their families in the audience because they haven't seen them for two weeks. Francesca says it will be awful for anyone to get voted out, blah blah whatevs.

There's a VT of their first Nancy task of going to work in an East End market, and also eating traditional East End food like jellied eels. Yummy. The stallholders say working in a market is just like being in a theatre, because you're selling yourself as well as your goods. Jessie had a "nice personality", but Fran was shy. They can't help but break into song though. [EastEnders is still far more interesting than watching Nancy wannabes pretend to be real stall holders - watch Bianca's return this week and weep... - Louise]

Back in the studio, ALW is tucking into a bowl of jellied eels. "You know what the Cockney rhyming slang for Lionel Bart is, don't you?" he teases Graham. The Nancys are performing Girls Aloud's 'Sound of the Underground', and Graham asks ALW what he's looking for. "I'm looking for it to start," he replies. The Lord is in a cheeky mood tonight, obviously. John says that he's going to be keeping an eye on Francesca and Samantha. The performance is all so much whatever. [I loved it. I'm so easy to please. - Steve] Mr Webber says all of the Nancys stand out in different ways. Denise "thought Jodie was fantastic" and she "loved Jessie as well", while Samantha caught Barry's eye.

Time for a quick introduction to our first Oliver. Gwion does tap dancing and surfing and he thinks he's tough. Now they're singing 'Bright Eyes', with Gwion singing solo. Out of tune. Yeech. Also, what's with the red lipstick? [Heh, MAC finest, obviously, but he looked like a young TV and it was pretty yuk, tbh - Louise] He'll have to get rid of that Welsh accent.

Graham quickly asks the panel who isn't Nancy. Tara and Amy aren't popular. One Nancy's dream is about to come to an end! So here are the results - in no particular order. Cleo is through. Samantha and Rachel are both through, as are Tara and Keisha. Ashley and Jodie are through. We're down to the final five. Jessie is through - that was a no-brainer. Francesca is in the bottom two. [DO NOT WANT. - Steve] [At least this averts the 'It's a fix!' bullshit for a while.-Joel] Emo Niamh could still be Nancy. So, only one of Amy and Sarah can go through, and it is... Sarah, meaning Francesca and Amy are the least popular. I love how they tell them what the result would be if it all rested on viewer votes - Amy, in this case, or Ugly Nancy, as I like to call her. Is it just me, or does Graham Norton seem to be in a bit of a hurry?

The sing-off song is 'Tell Me on a Sunday', and Amy is singing first. It's a bit of a wobbly start. Francesca's voice is better, but I think Amy has more personality [but did you notice how her mouth did a weird vertical oblong on the long notes? Very distracting - Louise]. They're both acting their little socks off. Down to Lord Webber. Both of the Nancys are crying. It's hard, but he's going to save... Francesca, predictably, because the standard is so high and Amy "bottled out on the intonation and the tuning". She better pull herself together to sing them out. It's a combination of 'Be Back Soon' and 'As Long as He Needs Me'. Amy puts on a good show [apart from the last note - Carrie], and Francesca is still blubbing away.

Thus the devastation begins - join us again next week, when another Nancy's dream will be shattered!

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